Coil On Plug Conversion for Stock ECU

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Re: Coil On Plug Conversion for Stock ECU

Post by p00t » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:53 pm

Looks good, thanks for posting a picture of the setup! That jacket on the COP harness looks really durable.

Also I think you beat me to the 3D printed dizzy cap!

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Re: Coil On Plug Conversion for Stock ECU

Post by mfschoenberg6522 » Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:18 am

Yes, Wiring Specialties makes a very good product. Highly recommend them for harnesses & connectors on Nissan's.

I found another source for dust covers on ebay for slightly less than Xcessive with free shipping from the Midwest. These seem to be rapid prototpye style material, with a fairly high heat capability. Actually, I had a exhaust gasket leak on my CXRacing tubular header that melted my distributor and caused alot of problems (left me stranded). So I'm happy to get rid of the distributor & spark plug wires.

For whatever reason, the CXRacing tubular headers placed my turbo compressor very close to the dizzy, I had to rebuild the center section last year as a replacement T3/T4 from CXRacing didn't fit (Designed for S13 w/ shorter dizzy w/o internal coil). So that opens me up to a new turbo as well and is
on my 'to do' list.

I had my eye on a Nice Time Racing valve cover adapter w/o hardware for a Honda K coil, but these are $275. I used 2 part epoxy & M6 x 1 tapped bosses. This may be a temporary solution for now. Maybe a reason others could use LS coils. I still have a ROM tune S13 ECU, looking at a Nismotronic solution or possibly stand alone in the distant future now that I have a COP solution. I had looked into the SR20 ECU w/ adapter harness, but decided to go a different direction.

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