'93 Altima KA, blown intake manifold gasket options?

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'93 Altima KA, blown intake manifold gasket options?

Post by niceguy » Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:32 pm

Alright, well it looks like my '93 KA has blown an intake manifold gasket at #3 cylinder. Using Datascan I've bumped the idle up some to help smooth things out but I have no time and even less desire to change this thing out again on a FWD KA.

1. It's no big deal driving it this way for awhile but I was wondering if there's anything you guys have used to help better/temporarily seal this small leak? It's blown out slightly at the top of the collector, just under the fuel rail.

2. Next, once I get around to replacing the gasket, could I just skip the crappy paper gasket and use a thermal spacer or copper spray,etc instead? Just curious...

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