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1,000hp ka24det

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:55 pm
by nissan240sx
ok so i am going to post on here my wins and fails as i try to make it too 1,000hp. i want to talk about my ideas for the car and my set up as well as bounce off ideas and get feed back. so to start with this is my 4th 240sx my 3rd one was a turbo ka-t and i love it. since i had that one i knew i wanted to build a turbo kat. i have had a dream since i saw the 1,000hp evo 8 way back when that i wanted a 1,000hp car. so long story short i fell in love with 240s and here i am, now i know there is easier ways of making that kind of power. but i want to do it on the ka24de for the challenge and to show that it can be done and made to last. my idea of lasting is 100,000mi before a rebuild is needed i think that would be pretty good. now this is going to be a daily driver and track and show car so i will have ac,ps,cruse control all of that. but i want to move the ac and ps out of the engine bay to i can have a really clean looking set up.but more on that later i want to document everything so that people will have a blueprint they can follow for making big power. so as it stands my build cost around 42,000$ so if i get no monetary help other than my self it will 4,000$ a year for 10 years. and i my self am ok with that but i am sure you guys dont wanna wait that long. so that is why i am redoing my YouTube channel and going to start doing videos again. with your guys help this could be done in a year or less and everyone will befit. now you may be wandering how will you guys befit? glade you asked so i will be covering all aspects of the build including machining and why things are done they way that they are. so if u want to know a about valve jobs and piston to wall clearance or other tec things we will cover that. hopefully with experts, but how fast this goes all depends on how much support i get. but i feel as tho once everyone sees how crazy this build is going to be everyone is gonna want to see it happen. so in my next few post i will get into the meat of my build.

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:36 pm
by s14fiend
Nice... Will this forum be featuring your build thread too(where else do you post)? If so I will subscribe to it cause it sounds badass.... and these engines seem to have become the road less traveled these days and it would be nice to see something of this caliber come to fruition.... for some added variety in the Tuner car world.

There was another gentleman on this forum that hasn't posted anything in a while that had a drag s13 with s15 front that had a "sump setup" but I haven't heard of him in a while..... if you plan to go this baller of a build you might as well go with a custom crankshaft too possibly fully counterweighted..... I am not saying these cranks are bad but find out places you can make improvements (special oil injection system would be cool too) something to make this engine last longer.... also see if you could drop in a SR20 VVL head/or a 4G63 and make an adapter kit (since we are on somewhat of a dreaming tip) before you know it the only thing KA24DE is gonna be the stamped badge in your engine bay lol the importDPS guys the Mazworx and AMS guys all switched to SR20 or 4G63/VR..... hate to say it but actions speak louder than words why not just make it a 600whp all around car? why do you need 1400whp?

I think it would take a lot of reverse engineering (customization) to keep this engine alive as long as other engines do at that power level.... I mean +1000whp definitely fits some drag car level/category.

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is one of the highest horsepower cars from a factory and its at only 1200 and its got like 12 more pistons and 3 more turbos.

Our engines came with 155hp from factory anything passed 600whp is going to drastically reduce the life of it..... if you do drifting even worse those engines go through hell and lateral g's etc..... Bro just think of it like this.... Every car guy wants that +2000WHP/WTQ daily GTR/LAMBO..... but it doesn't work that way.... not even those guys are daily or all around "superman-frankin car" that does every category of racing. I am glad you posted this cause now I can self reflect on how immature some of my goals are also.... lol I remember the days I used to dream of owning a Monster Truck Big Foot daily driver and jump out like Hulk Hoagan/Macho Man and kick ass.

Don't get offended by what I am saying I am your friend and here for advice.... I also want to build a nice and fast KA24de that is reliable and can do all that I want it to do. Good luck, I look forward to your build and hope this website helps you in your journey to badass hyper-supercar KA-T levels. Oh and P.S. build or weld in a roll cage that's a lot of power. :D

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:25 pm
by s14fiend
Quick dry sump search search.php?keywords=&terms=all&author=s ... mit=Search

if you scroll down it looks like he built a V8 drag car 240sx for a buddy and never looked back probably has all his parts and his car sitting somewhere like a lot of people end up doing with their builds when it doesn't turn out the way they want it to.

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:50 am
by nissan240sx
ok so onto the meat of it i will try and format this in a way so ideas and questions can be asked and answered. since i cannot post my excel build sheet here i will have to pull info and lay it out. i think i will list all the parts than talk about them and why they are on there.
1. piston- cp custom/wiseco hd custom(coatings-yes)[D.L.C,wpc,micro blue]
2. piston wrist pins- cp .250 wall(coatings-yes)[ D.L.C, wpc,micro blue]
3. connecting rods- bc H beam ca+625(coating-yes)[ wpc,oil shed]
4. connecting rod bearings- king(coatings-yes)[D.L.C,wpc,micro blue
5.bc stock stroke billlet crank(coatings-yes)[D.L.C,wpc,micro blue,oil shed
6. piston rings(coatings-yes)[D.L.C,wpc,micro blue)
7.cylinder walls(coating-yes)[wpc]
8.front main seal-cometic
9.dry sump pump-?
10.dry sump oil pan-A.R.E
11.rear main seal-felpro
12.main bearings-king(coatings yes[D.L.C,wpc,micro blue]
13.main studs-arp
14.crank damper-ATI
1.head gasket-cosworth
2.cams c78-jim wolf(coatings-yes)[D.L.C,wpc,micro blue] caps-?(coatings-yes)[wpc,micro blue] bolts/to be made into studs and nut
5.shims-?(coatings-yes)[D.L.C,micro blue]
6.shim under buckets? gears-custom drilled
8.intake valves-ferrea 1mm over comp+ (coating-yes)?
9.exhaust valves-ferrea 1mm over supper alloy(coating-yes)?
10.valve springs-ferrea dual
11.valve guides-bc
12.valve stem seals-supertec
13.valve locks-frrea
14.spring seat locator-ferrea
15.head studs-arp ca625+ 12mm
17.intake mani-custom made?
18. ITB-50mm
19.poting-full port head games
2.transmission adapter kit-mozworks
3.clutch-spec mini twin
4.clutch pressure palte bolts-arp wheel bolts-arp
6.diff-LSD 90-96 q45
7.rear axles-driveshaft shop-900hp
1.quick connect for oi,l coolant ?
2. AN fuel?
2.fuel cooler-a/c system/co2 cooler combo
3.electric radiator fan-flex a lite
4.electric oil cooler fan-flex-a-lite
5.electric turbo oil cooler fan-flex-a-lite
6.electric turbo coolant fan-flex-a-lite
7.electric water pump-?
8.radiator diversion panel-?
1.coilovers-pro s13-parts by max
2.steering angel kit-parts by max
3.front strut bar-megan racing
4.front sway bar-megan racing
5.rear sway bar-megan racing
6.traction rod-parts by max
7.rear upper control arms-parts by max
8.rear toe control arm-parts by max
9.rear lower control arm-parts by max
10.tension support bar-parts by max
11.steering rack bushing-parts by max
12.swat bar link set-parts by max
13.rear strut bar-megan racing
14.bushings kit-energy
15.sway bar offset bracket-parts by max
16.toe control bracket-parts by max
1.front calipers-tx6r-wilwood
2.rear calipers-tx6r-wilwood
3.hand brake master cylinder-tanskey
4.inline brake line-parts by max
1.steering wheel hub-NRG seats-corbeau
3.horn buttion-NRG
1.e-85 gauge-zeitronics
2.intercooler coolant pressure-?
3. boost gauge-depo racing
4.crank case vacuum-glowshift
5.back pressure-glowshift
6.oil pressure-depo racing
7.oil temp gauge-depo racing
8.turbo oil temp gauge-depo racing
9.turbo oil pressure gauge-depo racing
10.turbo water temp gauge-depo racing
11.turbo water pressure gauge-depo racing
12.water temp gauge-depo racing
13.water pressure gauge-depo racing
14.fuel pressure gauge-depo racing
15.fuel temp gauge-speed hut
16.fuel level gauge-glow shift
17.egt gauge-depo racing
18.trans temp gauge-glowshift
19.volt meter gauge-depo racing
20.clock gauge-glow shift
21. nos gauge-glow shift
22.dual intake temp gauge-glow shift
23.diff temp gauge-glow shift
24.wideband gauge-aem

1.xxr 527F-xxr
2. lug nuts-parts by max
1.tail light-circuit sports clear
1.alternator-dc power high output 280A
2.electric 12v fluid pump x6-?
3.engine and trans harness-custom? 128 ecu
1.fuel pump x2-aem
2.fuel filter-aem feed fuel rail-radium
4.fuel pressure regulator-aem
1. turbocharger-83mm batmo-wheel-bullseye power
1.exhaust header nuts-stage8
2.exhaust-megan racing
1.custom markesh brown
1.engine mounts-circuit sports
2.engine damper?
3.custom coolant over flow tanks
4.hood damper-?
5.oil dran plug?
1. electric ps
2. custom oil,water tanks

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:21 pm
by MRLuke
Firstly, learn to use paragraphs, please. If you want to get help and advice from people then don't just throw up a massive wall of text.

Secondly if you are seriously intending to drop $30k plus on this build then does it really matter whether the base car has an aftermarket radio and needs some welding?

If you are really serious about achieving your 1000bhp car in 10 years, how are you actually going to do it? Split it down into smaller more manageable chunks. Maybe start off with a 300-400bhp car on a stock engine and run that for a year or two while you source and build maybe a 600-750bhp motor. Then once you are happy you have got that working then start looking at what you need to change to get into four figures.

At the moment your posts read like a list of key words on a car sale add.

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:18 am
by adamky
What he said ^^^. I stopped reading half way through because it all just runs together.

If I was looking for 1000whp, I would be looking at another motor more suited to such high HP levels (something with 6 or 8 cylinders). And this is coming from a die-hard ka-t fan. Have you ever rode in a car with 1000 whp? I'm not trying to dissuade you from aiming for high goals, but I've made out crazy lists like this of all of the plans and parts for my ideal, bad-ass ka-t 240 that were nothing more than pipe dreams.

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:25 pm
by trk240sx
You must be high! 1000hp with A/C.... It would be almost impossible to drive on the street..

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:44 am
by cham
Keeping ac can be done. Ked BMX had over 900hp with all stock accessories. He used the same timing kit that came on the car and oil pump. Duncan is also well over 800hp with all accessories. I'm not saying any of your mods won't work. But they definitely aren't necessary in order to reach 900hp. Good luck on the 1,000hp. I've personally never seen it but I've heard of 1 that made it from the shop that built my engine. But They send built ka engines to other countries also. I know for a fact they made well over 800hp many years ago because it was online. But like every 1 said, will it last? From what I saw yesterday, the high hp ka's have only last 20 to 30,000 miles. It's way better engines out there that can meat this goal for that type of money and last longer. I hate to see you blow 30g on a engine with a very poor head design. I spent over 10g and felt really dumb not knowing my other options at the time. But my engine was built some 12yrs ago the 1st time. Anyways. Good luck dreamer. Don't spend it all in 1 place.

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:37 pm
by s14fiend
While your at it you might as well go Liberty or G Force or PPG transmission and some ARP VR38DETT CA +625 HeadStud Bolts .... and do the Locked Chain Tensioner , The HeadStud Timesert Washer Upgrade, and Shimmed Higher PSI Oil Pump that people have been posting as Preventative Measures.

900whp is roughly in the 1000HP (crank) range.

But at that level its got to be what makes you happy .... not 1,000HP because you want everyone sucking your d!ck about it.

I think a lot of people do stuff like that cause they have a point to prove and thats a long lonely dark road to go down and almost an insecurity at some extent.

I want to have fun driving my car and make fun useable power..... but most people want to build a 4 cylinder that beats GTRs Supra and Lambos ...... A Lot of what you see on youtube popular racing channels is exaggerated race cars that make you think it's what you need and it looks slower on film than it actually is in real life..... 2000WHP cars pop up all the time but its all click bait type stuff and our tuner society gives in to it and want to consume more products to try and Keep up so-to-speak.

A lot of people loose touch with reality and are brainwashed zombies in a way to it.... lol you just have to do what makes you happy (which is usually easier said than done) .... but just do it. Take actions first and ask questions later.

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:06 pm
by cham
Yeah...what he

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 6:01 pm
by shattabigz
Good luck with the build bro I made 450hp and that was 2 fast for me lol

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 6:51 am
by nissan240sx
rewrite and update on the way

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:31 pm
by adamky
Looking forward to it. I hope I didn't come off as rude in my last reply. I really didn't mean to be.

Re: 1,000hp ka-t

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:46 pm
by s14fiend
nissan240sx wrote:rewrite and update on the way

Whats the fastest car you have ever been in ? For me it's been in a Corvette.

It's a big change going from a commuter car to a race car.

The general rule of thumb/entry level ka-t guy with these engines in a 240sx has always been to bolt on a t3 60 trim Garrett (with supporting components) and getting comfortable with Wastegate boost spring pressure then 15 psi, then to 20 Psi, and gradually getting used to how the car responds, then implementing boost by gear and other things that limit loss of traction.

The car is gonna lag wayyy more and thats some crazy dangerous speeds with 1000hp..... regardless there is a learning curve for anyone I'm pretty sure..... I'm not gonna lie having the ability to turn up the car to 1000hp sounds very tempting and one day I want to drive a car with that sort of power.... and live, but the idea of 1000hp and the action of 1000hp are two separate things.

If you look at the videos that had been post in the past a black s14 making 900hp you notice on the dyno how there is lag by default and the car makes power past 4,000 RPM so yeah it would be great fun to roll race but getting it to run say from a to b or light to light when someone pulls up next to you say in a tesla it will be way more difficult to manage all that power and get to deliver it as efficiently and quickly when you need it.

Just food for thought.... I have never been in a fast car that does fast roll race but I want to try it one day. If your really hell bent on getting that kind of power you should try and ride in someone's car that is that fast to begin with and see if that's really what your looking for.

If you ve never been in a fast car say Corvette or car with some crazy form of force induction modification ......I'd say build your engine for over 1000hp break it in using I beam rods CA 625+ everything bolts upgraded wrist pins, top of the line off the shelf parts etc ... then drive it with 350-450 hp, that might be enough for a weekend car to mess around with.

Re: 1,000hp ka24det

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:49 pm
by nissan240sx
ok updates are up lets talk about this more to come

Re: 1,000hp ka24det

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:09 am
by nissan240sx
ok so as it stands right now i am trying to get the car up and running so i can drive it. i go on vacation on the 28th and am renting a 10x20 storage to work on it in gotta swap engine and tranny

Re: 1,000hp ka24det

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:40 am
by EnnEssEnnKAT
I agree with what one of the other posters mentioned..taking reasonable steps towards that goal. It sounds like you're already doing this too with step one being getting the car up and running. Good luck, definitely looking forward to seeing the progress.

weather striping

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:04 pm
by nissan240sx
what are you guys doing to replace the moldings/rubber

Re: weather striping

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:51 am
by nissanfanatic
nissan240sx wrote:what are you guys doing to replace the moldings/rubber
This thread is a little over a year old. You would want to start a new thread.


Re: weather striping

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:00 pm
by s14fiend
nissan240sx wrote:what are you guys doing to replace the moldings/rubber
I believe the OEM nissan has discontinued those trims and they are rare and expensive, very difficult to find... I also have the same dilemma on some trims on the car and I'm in Florida which is what I get for neglecting them.

Also, add to your list stainless steel O- Ring the block w/custom copper headgaskset, get lateral or horizontal gas ports to the pistons, have a company make you a custom girdle or custom large diameter stud (or a custom 4 bolt main stud girdle) bolt to put for main studs (something to compensate just like on v8 the 4 bolt main are the better over 2 bolt main). Maybe even a bigger wall thickness pin like .300 or .330 custom made pin size is (21mm) .827 x 2.5" x wall thickness.

Like I said earlier be prepared to pay a lot of money to end up sacrificing drivability/reliablity a 1000+HP 4 cylinder is not an enjoyable driving experience it is annoying to drive and ends up being an "on and off switch" so-to-speak (somethings got to give). It will be jerking and annoying to drive especially with large cams here an example not trying to point names or call people out just informational .... but hey if thats what you want do it. I also have goals to build a sweet 4 cylinder engine also but I want to over build it so that I may DeTune it in the future for drifting and track racing and then detune it to make it a more fun and enjoyable driver car. But look online at some of the World record Evo 1300awhp at 67psi or something like that std dyno numbers its jerky and really only good for one thing driving in straight line..... just saying... at what point is enough- enough in power? At some point it just become a never-ending, nonenjoyable, retarded dick measuring contest..... and you just paying to scare the sh!t out of yourself risking your time, money, life etc. Then it becomes a hamster wheel of just knit picking what the engine is doing replacing bearings , damaging engines (just cause you build one good engine doesn't mean it will always last any small hiccup can ruin it catastrophic) then chasing your tail to figure out what was that noise and more knit picking sounds and random engine reactions etc you basically creating a mind **** maze for yourself and stressing yourself out and scaring yourself lol its basically a carrot to a donkey you creating for yourself. Just remember everything is easier said then done and looks good on paper or printed but there are a lot of struggles and hurdles. According to these guys they been building 4g63 for 13 + years

A lot of people are saying these days its more fun and better to just have a beater car for a reason. It's never any fun when your car acts like a high maintenance little prissy princess bi*ch to you all the time. You better off just getting a junk yard big block gm engine and throwing on some chinese turbos it will drive better and rip down the track better with way less effort it just flows better from factory. Maybe consider 454 engine or big v8 with chinese turbos and smaller engine as a "street car" everything past that is pretty much dick measuring contest race car ****.

Maybe even just making your car look nice and clean first is a better alternative cause they are harder to come by these days and harder to find one that actually looks nice. Anyone can make a car drive fast and make big power these days, it's wayyyy harder to find a nice clean 240sx thats not all clapped out looking different color panels dings dents paint pealing etc. there will always be someone thats faster or hooks better like EVO /GTR or has McLaren type Aerodynamics dual clutch transmission etc

Just keep in mind when hot rodding the car might never meet your performance/driving expectations but the one thing you could do is make it look nice and that might just be the one thing/goal that will satisfy your expectations.

Good luck!! If you make a ka24de custom girdle or custom main bolts let us know to get a group buy going.

Re: 1,000hp ka24det

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:49 pm
by s14fiend
Another good read.... ... ld-part-5/

One does not simply make 1000 horsepower in a 4 cylinder ....

Re: 1,000hp ka24det

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:06 pm
by R34SR
So 250hp per cylinder is no easy,reliable or cheap task.

And honestly I don't think a KA is the best choice...add a few more cylinders to divide the stress and youre goal becomes much more feasable.

Mind you I'm also a big ka fan.

Re: 1,000hp ka24det

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:10 pm
by s14fiend
R34SR wrote:So 250hp per cylinder is no easy,reliable or cheap task.

And honestly I don't think a KA is the best choice...add a few more cylinders to divide the stress and youre goal becomes much more feasable.

Mind you I'm also a big ka fan.
That's what I'm saying too man lol.

A lot of what we see online videos and performance related companies pushing propaganda on performance parts and stuff most people don't NEED.

People fed lies that "4 cylinder 75 PSI boost 1800hp demon AWD" in all caps "WORLD RECORD 4 CYLINDER" lmao.... the same people pushing their consumer products and sponsorships. Plus how long do 4 cylinder last like that if the glorious junkyard LS V8s can't put 1000whp+ reliably like they said is doable... then those Junkyard LS v8 people get tricked also (huge marketing bait and switch)..... I'm just saying its a lot of lies and at the end of the day it's about driving experience and having fun.

When you actually put it into context (building fast fun project car) it's just like the person who wants a raise at work thinking that its going to change their life just to realized they are tax'd more or end up with more things they don't need and have to pay extra for to keep up with their new "standard of living."

Or the fact that it turns into a knit picky D*CK measuring contest, if someone is faster by 1 second they probably have 10,000 dollars more in their car (put 1 second into context and not in car lengths... pretty meaningless) and can't even enjoy it as much as you in a drift beater lol..... so cause jon doe is half a second or second faster in a straight line doesn't make a huge difference averaged out over a longer period of time because they waste more money and end up having to rebuild more often more maintenance etc. Just like the song "mo money mo problems" by Biggie Smalls RIP, same applies to performance automotive "mo power mo problems."

Reliability is an issue with big horsepower engines..... and a 4 cylinder with 1000+whp needs a crew like this around the clock checking for inconsistencies or premature wear. Even if it was a completely engineered billet engine like in the first video it would have to get checked after every race session like the Papadakis Formula Drift team 1000hp toyota engine. The majority of people overlook that and think that it will last if they just send it and learn quick that its not like that.

But hey to each their own and most only learn through experiences.