**Urgent help please** with BC cams and JWT sprockets

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**Urgent help please** with BC cams and JWT sprockets

Post by scoobydo » Sun Sep 01, 2019 9:47 am

So currently they are as follows

intake opens 3.8 ATDC (cam card calls for 12 ATDC), Closes 38 ABDC (cam card calls for 50 ABDC) all at 50thou lift
Ex opens 16.7 BBDC (cam card calls for 47 BBDC), Closes 12.5 ATDC (cam card calls for 9 BTDC) all at 50thou lift

I am not quite getting the sprockets or what I am to do. Intake looks like I need to either retard the cam or advance it by 7.5 so hole 4 or C cannot get it straight in my head what the relationship is between the cam and the crank. Exhaust cam looks like 1 tooth out 18.95 degrees (is this forward or backwards) plus either hole 5 or hole d for 10 degrees making it 45.65 degrees.

Please help :-)

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