Oil Line comfirmation please?

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Oil Line comfirmation please?

Post by Tatsu91 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:43 pm

Alright so I just received my GodSpeed (ebay) Oil line kit in the mail.. unfortunately it didn't come with any identification. This is my first turbo build (as probably already established from my last post), I have done some searching and think I got a pretty good idea about everything but it would be comforting to have some reassurance. I haven't found any posts about this particular kit but have read that's its used pretty often with positive results..

Anyways I have tooken a pic with everything it came with layed out with corresponding letters..


A. Not sure exactly, but from the thread size Im assuming it has something to do with the Oil feed line? Clarification please.

B. ? ? ? ?

C. Splitter for oil feed from block?

D. Oil feed adaptor for turbo?

E. No idea..

F. ? ? Not sure but im assuming this is the piece that I have welded to oil pan for return?

G. Bolts for adaptor.. (accidently marked these..)

H. Oil return adaptor for turbo.

I. Oil return braided line.

J. Fittings for lines.. (not sure of term, but not worried about these pretty self explanatory.)

K. Oil feed braided line.

Sorry ahead if this has already been covered in prior posts.. I tried to make it as straight forward as possible for yall to answer.. Any help is greatly appreciated. 8)

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Re: Oil Line comfirmation please?

Post by shift_down » Mon Jun 16, 2014 5:02 pm

I have that same kit.
Just hook stuff up until it works lol.

All your labels are correct. I wouldn't trust that splitter though. It seems to be a weak link. Use a sandwich plate and connect the oil feed line to it.

Check my build thread to see what I did. Other threads have ideas also.
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Re: Oil Line comfirmation please?

Post by Tatsu91 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:02 pm

Well, its good to know you've had success with this kit. However given the opportunity to double check what is what, I would much rather know what is what instead of just freestyling it. I will definatly check out your build and take what I can from it. I have a good amount of time until a lot of my parts get in so Ill make sure to search search search. Thanks bud, anything else would be appreciated.

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Re: Oil Line comfirmation please?

Post by basic » Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:46 pm

From what I can tell it works out like this -

A) 1/8" BSPT to 1/8" NPT adapter - this screws into the oil filter housing, and (C) screws into it. Be careful - threads are close to the same but are different.

B) Appears to be a plug for the unused port on (C). One of the 3 will be oil feed from housing, one will be oil line to turbo, one will be oil pressure sending unit, the other will be plugged (or you could put an oil temp sensor or something).

C) See above - Also agree with shift_down - the adapter+T fitting will be the weak link. I have heard horror stories about the fittings vibrating and due to fatigue ultimately failing. Since they are brass and not steel, this doesn't help matters.

D) Correct - it is the oil feed adapter for some turbos. Also has the gasket there, as well as the bolts.

E) Appears to be an NPT to JIC adapter - for something on the return side of the turbo - I would guess it probably threads into (H).

F) Appears to be the Weldon bung for the oil pan. Drill a hole the size of the lip, weld it on.

G) Appear to be bolts for (H). Maybe wrong size, hard to tell.

H) Oil return adapter for some turbos.

I) Oil return line - run this from (H) to (F) using (J)

J) Fittings for the return line

K) Oil feed line - run from (C) to (D). Only works one way.

Hopefully this helps you out some.
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Re: Oil Line comfirmation please?

Post by airman » Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:58 am

^ basic has it nailed down.

I will come out and share my experience with this kit:

It works and comes with the pieces you need. Is it high quality? No. Will it work? Yes. Do I recommend? Not for long-term, anyway.

I lost a turbo because of the material in the hose underneath the braided part. It became hard and brittle from the under-hood heat and developed a crack in it. If you're going to use this kit, make sure you keep the hose as far from heat sources as possible, possibly wrap it in the foil stuff (but then you eliminate the ability to inspect). Could have changed materials by now, but if I know the Chinese, they don't change anything until they flat out can't get it anymore.

I ended up making my own hose from high quality hose stock and AN fittings from Summit for $50. Far more flexible, high quality, peace of mind, and swivel fittings :) Can't say it's totally the old kit at fault for brittling over heat (yes it is within my control to place/fix the line - which I had), but I was a lot more comfortable when I knew my oil lines remained flexible and happy.
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