16814 Pulsar Starter in z32 trans alignment

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16814 Pulsar Starter in z32 trans alignment

Post by i_slide » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:07 pm

Whats going on ka-t. Ive had the excessive trans adapter kit for about 7 years now. Within those 7 years I would say I've been through about 10 starters and I rarely drive the car. I've gotten good results out of two starter until they burnt out within roughly 3-6 months. (I probably got lucky with the alignment.)

I'm curious with what you guys have done to achieve a relatively decent start up. My next goal to try and get a decent start it to slot the new starter hole for more clearance dept wise (depth as in in/out from flywheel teeth.) Hopefully I can get it slotted enough to find a good spot and be able to run some decent size shims.

The issue I'm getting is a grinding/binding noise and I get really bad kick back when the engine tries to fire over. I believe the kickback is due to the starter barely making contact on the flywheel teeth to begin with. I run the car on E85 and sometimes the cold starts on the North East isn't the most tasteful.

I've read this thread viewtopic.php?f=2&t=59366&p=505350&hili ... er#p505350 and I wish the pictures were visible but photo bucket really dropped the ball with this fee ordeal. I would highly appreciate it if anyone can some how reveal those pictures or even if Supa or ka24etztm can somehow reload those pics. I've also read the option of relocating the starter to the motor side so it engages from the rear end of the flywheel but I don't want to go that route just yet due to time restrictions.

I get the replacement starter tomorrow and I'll experiment with some ideas. When I get to a solution I'll let you guys know.
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