KA24DE Engineer Tech Questions .......

Advanced discussion of improving KA-T components
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KA24DE Engineer Tech Questions .......

Post by s14fiend » Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:05 am

Just pulled up an old thread online in Nissan Road Race forums regarding crankshaft, piston speeds, bore/stroke of ka24de.

Was wondering if any engineers or people with real world experience has ran the better billet BC crankshafts with say Crower race 288/288 cams or just custom cam, with ATI Damper, lighter rods, lighter pistons, lighter clutch, dry sump/oil accumulator, better main caps/girdle, custom engine bolts, mechanical fuel pump, and a race level boost/rpm application max effort with any success, consistency, or repeatability?

If so how many passes before timing chain stretch or other maintenance on wear items such as bearings rings and valve seat work is required and how often?

I think it would be helpful to have those discussions for those who are interested in homologating that information into their weekend warrior more street oriented applications.

I recall there being a person on this forum message board with an orange or red S13.5 purpose built n/t grudge/drag car like ~10 years or so ago that (because they never followed up I take it they are n/t grudge) that had dry sump and the works done to it but I can’t find any information or the person to get some real world experience since the website issues a few years back. Even though I have a feeling that they would probably just say “don’t do it” because “juice isn’t worth the squeeze.”

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