Head lifting issues solved Permenantly!!

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Head lifting issues solved Permenantly!!

Postby adamky » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:05 pm

duncan351 wrote:So one of the BIGGEST issues facing our KA-T community when pushing to high horse power is head gaskets blowing, pushing coolant, then comes the air pockets and you struggle to even make it 5 miles down the road when these things happen. I know it happens to almost all the KA-T guys but a lot of them won't talk about it or whatever their reasons are but I wanted to share with everyone the solution I figured out finally. Besides having good machine work on the block, strong enough head studs, you need to know that when running L19 or 625 Head studs from ARP, DO NOT USE THE WASHERS THAT COME WITH YOUR STUDS!!!!! These washers are actually smaller in diameter and the clamping for required is too great for such a small stud. If you do this is what happens:
The fix to have ARP washer inserts installed in the Head which should be performed by a machine shop.
The ARP part number is 200-8598. 7/8" OD This insert spreads the clamping force more evenly across the head and is it stops the head from getting gouged. If you ever experienced trying to pull you head off with the studs installed you couldn't do it because its stuck. Then the holes in the head are starting to squish into the holes against the studs. That's why when you remove the studs the head will come right off with no issues however the smaller washer is actually digging into the aluminum causing you to loose clamping force.
For the very first time since hitting 600+whp I did 9-10 pulls at 30psi and up to 32 psi and my overflow tank didn't fill up one drop more than what I had in this morning. I wanted to share this because I know if was happening to me it had to be happening with others that probably too embarrassed to as for solution. I saw many posts of pushing coolant but no real solution but here you go. With the time serts installed into the block as deep as the factory threads start & The washer inserts installed NOW YOU CAN USE THE WASHERS THAT COME WITH YOUR STUDS SAFELY.
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