Voltage loss..

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Voltage loss..

Postby modulation » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:06 pm

I've had a voltage gauge in my car for about a year now, got it cheap to put in a hole where another gauge once was, it's tapped off the radio power (I know not a good place.)
It's been accurate. Noticed one day it was reading low, confirmed via hand held voltmeter alternator/battery voltage was around .5 volts higher. At same time I noticed my wbo2 gauge was a little off and didn't match AFR I saw from controller on laptop...

Ran a new + wire using relay/fuse from alt/battery distribution block, connected to wbo2 and gauges. Voltage gauge now reads correctly and wb02 gauge does as well..

Anyone else run into anything similar? Is this how re-wiring the entire car starts?
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Re: Voltage loss..

Postby p00t » Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:31 pm

I've noticed similar things when you rewire high amp draw devices directly to the battery. My turbo timer samples voltage from after the key cylinder under the steering wheel (pretty standard place for one of these things).

When I rewired my fuel pump to it's own line, the voltage read .2 volts higher. When I wired in COP ignition coils with a new power feed, again the voltage read .2 volts higher.

I think a lot of the drop is through the key cylinder contacts, they normally wear over time. If you take some of the load off that circuit the voltage will rise.
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