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Re: Nismotronicsa

Post by basic » Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:17 am

Sure thing, the only difference is I'm running a "Motorola" 2.5bar MAP. I put "Motorola" in quotes, because if you get a "Motorola" 2.5bar MAP, you are really getting a Freescale Semiconductors MPX4250AP (or board mounted equivalent). The map sensor I am running is the MPX4250AP (from Mouser), as well as the GM air temp sensor from DIY (since they had the cable connector and were quick). I'll send ya a PM w/ email address.

It turns out my California ECU is junk (somehow got corroded on the inside) so I will be using a ADC for the temp sensor. I am planning on running some sort of power distribution/grounding block to avoid issues of floating grounds and the like. Also would be nice to have one central location to draw power from. Thinking 3 different terminal strips - one for always on 12V, one for "Key on" 12V, and one for ground. Have to order the enclosures and strips first, but should have those this weekend for play time.

My plan right now is to install the WB02, MAP, and IAT and get all the bugs worked out, the drop in the 740CC injectors that I got back from DW today, then turbo.

Alonso - how have you done your tuning thus far? virtual dyno type stuff or is there a good dyno place in Wichita?
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