Honda Kids

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Honda Kids

Post by supakat » Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:15 pm

I was at the event at PBIR today. On my way home, I am just cruising doing some tuning. As I get to a light, a Honda pulls up next to me. He starts to two step to taunt. I look at him and give him the ok to run. I do not like taking off from the light hard and we rolled in 1st. He punched it and was ahead like 3/4 car. I immediately passed him, hit the rev limiter quickly, chirped into 2nd and blazed. I let go after the end of 2nd and he was couple cars back. Then the other civic did a ricer fly by, well tried. I saw him coming quickly and I downshifted to 3rd. He passed me about 4 car lengths before I got boost and I started to run up to him but a light was ahead. Oh the fun but it was just weird that the kid 2stepped me.

Here are some cars from the event.
12.96 @ 116.36 - 2.1 60ft - 11/2011
13.1 @ 114 - 2.3 60ft - 8/2012
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Post by Coupe92 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:16 pm

No replacement for displacement.

An HX35 also doesn't hurt ;). Nice job, gotta keep those hondas in line. I have yet to race a boosted one, would be interesting.

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