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Late model Mustang

Postby wannabethestig » Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:56 pm

So I was getting onto the highway and saw a late model Mustang on already and I'm like "time to have some fun". It's a GT.... Bonus. Definalely exhaust, maybe cams. We do a little pull going up a pretty good sized hill and that stang sounded nasty. We were pretty well pacing each other. I pull up along side the stang and see this placcard on the side reading "Kenne Bell Superccharged". My car is quick (15 psi on t3/t4 50 trim) but not that quick so I'm thinking he was sandbagging or doesn't have it tuned very well or doen't know how to drive. They are supposed to be making over 600rwhp .

It was fun either way.
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