beautiful black grand national in Mexico

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beautiful black grand national in Mexico

Postby cham » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:00 pm

Saw a freshly black painted 87 Buick grand national turbo pulling out from the Yamaha shop. 2 guys chillin with some muscle type center line wheels. We're side by side. Pop my 50mm tial a few times. He pulls a Lil to let me hear his turbo spool. Any ways I'm coming up on a car and his lane is open ahead. He pulls up beside the car in front of me and cut me off from jumping in front of him in his lane. Sorta pissed me off that he cUT me off. So we turn on another double lane and i let the car ahead leave us. We hit and I pulled ahead. Thinking it was a fluck I do it again and pull 2 cars. Then the passenger tries to see if I have a intercooler. I figured they was scared and wondering at this point. So this time i let him get a door ahead and pop my throttle for him to leave. He leaves and I pull him and leave him. He follows me to a station. The passenger is his son. They just got the car for the boy. The car is stock except the exhaust and on 11psi. I'm on e85 still at 15psi. Come to find out we knew alot of the same people and they know my hot rod neighbors. The son said he didn't like how i spanked that ass. Lol..I felt bad after beating the man in front of his son and him just now buying his boy the car. They loved the 240
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