p00t's long winded journal from the beginning of time

This is for all those PICTURE THREADS ONLY. Motor installs, product writeups, showing off your car, put the thread in here.
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Re: p00t's long winded journal from the beginning of time

Post by NukeKS14 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:49 pm

Love it! I am building an S14 to replace my 1LE for track duty. Happy to see others pursuing a KA-T for something besides drift. :music-deathmetal:

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Re: p00t's long winded journal from the beginning of time

Post by p00t » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:29 pm

Another track day at Waterford Hills in June. Only difference since last time was an oil restrictor added to the turbo to help with my sputtering issue which I think is oil related. There was an improvement so I am more confident I am after the right culprit. I ran the same oil as last time which is definitely overfilled. So before next session I will make sure to fill to the lowest line when I change the oil. I hear others under fill to help with that which I am apprehensive about. So maybe I can make "minimum" work for me.

My favorite shot of the day:

My favorite "off" of the day (actually the only one):
Yes I still have the stock steering wheel.... Yes I am growing tired of the weird way I have to hold it... this might be remedied in the somewhat near future.

Fastest lap of the day (~5 seconds improvement from my first day here):

I could not trail brake into any turn because my rears are locking up bad. I am going to try a Wilwood adjustable valve in the rear circuit and see if I can get an improvement. This is the main reason for the off in my first session (and a lot of tire smoke for a few laps before). They actually penalty boxed me because they thought I had an oil leak which was causing the "show". Nope just someone consciously ignoring the limitations of his car...

The cars handling is pretty "easy" right now. I haven't made any tweaks to my suspension settings. Mostly driver improvements for now.
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