9501A 95 S14 PNP Batch fire jumpers

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9501A 95 S14 PNP Batch fire jumpers

Post by dj_smooth » Sat May 23, 2015 4:18 pm

Jumpers are setup up to run a 95 KA.
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I can't get the engine to stay running. It starts but will not stay running. I put the jumpers in sequential a long time and ago but now I can't figure out how to put them back correctly. I believe they are

jumper 8
jumper 10

Both are in the inner most position and state "2" vs sequential states to jumper j8 and j10 to the outer most which would make it "4". If anyone has a pic of it that would be great. My board is a version 1.2

I've looked at the pdf manual, but nothing talks about what exactly each jumper does specifically.


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Re: 9501A 95 S14 PNP Batch fire jumpers

Post by BigLoukaT » Wed May 27, 2015 7:09 pm

Why do you want to revert to batch firing?

In your third picture, Try changing injector drivers from standard to additional.
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npx from 240sxforums wrote:i figure from my very limited knowledge about the 240 and under the hood about cars in general i would follow the sr20det trend.

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Re: 9501A 95 S14 PNP Batch fire jumpers

Post by supakat » Wed May 27, 2015 8:34 pm

Revert the jumper settings if you want to go batch. Also, change your timing to table instead of fixed.
BigLoukaT wrote:haha nice work.

Just noticed this from the mspnp2 documentation (http://www.megasquirtpnp.com/docs/mspnp ... ?isModel=1)
In order to do sequential fueling, some jumpers on the mainboard need to be moved: To enable sequential injection, go to the Advance menu, select Sequential Injection, and set Sequential Injection to "Sequential / Semi-Sequential." Click Burn, and turn the MSPNP off. There are a couple jumpers that need to be adjusted inside the MSPNP before you turn it back on. Take the MSPNP lid off, and place the J8 jumper (upper right hand corner) and the J10 jumper (upper left hand corner) both in the "4" (outermost) position. This will put the MSPNP hardware in sequential injection mode.
Not sure what those jumpers are exactly responsible for, but that may have something to do with your original experience in sequential (if you only enabled via software anyways)

I'll let you know how mine goes
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