Now shipping: the MS3Pro Ultimate!
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Now shipping: the MS3Pro Ultimate!

Post by Matt Cramer » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:35 am


Order the MS3 Pro Ultimate here

The MS3Pro Ultimate is a new ECU that pushes the MS3Pro design as far as it will go, with more inputs and outputs and the features customers with big horsepower engines have demanded. Here's a short list of what we added to the hardware:

- Peak and hold drivers (software selectable 4/1 or 8/2)
- 5 more analog inputs
- Onboard 4 bar MAP and barometric pressure sensor connectors
- 2 more VR conditioners - for Coyote cam sensors, vehicle speed sensors, and more
- 7 more switched inputs
- 4 more on/off or PWM outputs
- Status indicator lights

And there's a new firmware upgrade out to support the MS3Pro Ultimate which you can also load to any current MS3Pro. The new firmware brings several new features:

- CO2 dome pressure boost control
- Four wheel traction control
- More records in SD card data logs

This new version of the MS3Pro sells for $1499 with an 8' flying lead harness. For those who don't need all the extra I/O, we still have the entry leave MS3Pro available too.
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