Looking for some smog related help: cel code 35 and 45

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Looking for some smog related help: cel code 35 and 45

Post by spray2020 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:27 am

Hi all,

This is my first post in this forum. My car is not boosted yet but I do intend down the road to go this route and keep the single cam in the car. My car is a 89' ka24e coupe (two/tone green & grey), cali original car- w/ 210,000 miles was auto and I 5 speed swapped it. Kept the auto ecu but changed the lower harness to manual for easy plug and play for the trans. Ever since owning it it has had a cel light on. It always ran ok so I never bothered fixing it.
So I live in Cali and have to get my car smogged every 2 years. I had been getting it smogged illegally because I could never get the check engine light off. I am tired paying the extra money when the car is stock and should pass. In fact I went to pass it and it physically passes (test it w a pipe in the exhaust), but visually since the cel light is on they fail the car.

This time around I am about 2 weeks short of the deadline - and I am trying to figure it out so I dont have to waste $200 for nothing.

Based on the OBD1 troubleshooting, I put the ecu in mode 3 and it gave me two codes: #35 and #45. #35 is a California only code which is the Exhaust Temp Sensor. I found it and replaced it with a new one. I put it in the manual spot since the car is now manual - before it was in the auto spot up top near the fuel rail. Code #45 is an injector leak. I proceeded to buy remanufactured injectors that came with new seals/orings and installed those.

Then tried resetting the ecu by disconnecting the battery and it didn't work. Then I put the ecu in mode 4 to erase the memory. Then went to mode 3 to check that they were erased and they were still blinking 35 and 45..odd. Then I did it again (mode 4) to erase and put it in mode 1 (normal mode). I know it says to remember where the ecu screw was originallly turned to so you dont change the idle but I honestly dont remember so I put it in mode 1 (all the way counterclockwise)... Start the car, and within 3-5 seconds the code pops up again. #35 and 45. ugh.

Sometimes I start the car and the cel is off, but then it eventually turns on.

At this point I am stumped as to what it is. I do notice some oil around one of my spark plug boots (oil around it on the block). My valve cover leaks, I did change it a while back but it still leaks. But the oil doesn't look to be connected to the oil I see around the spark plug boot. Could this trigger a code 45? Maybe fouling a spark plug or something?

Ever since changing the injectors and noticing the oil issue around the one plug- the car is running pretty crappy- no response on throttle- feels like a loss of power. As far as I know there is no white smoke from the exhaust so the engine should be still good.

Thank you all in advance for any help - I decided to post here since I cannot find a better place where people would know about the ka24e.

Thank you!

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