KA24 into miata swap questions

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KA24 into miata swap questions

Postby Pumpngo » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:10 am

Hi I'm from Australia and have a mx5 that i want to swap the engine in. I can legally go 2.4 turbo so the KA is on top of the list. Over here the de series engines are hard to get unless from a front wheel drive car like U13 bluebirds. I could make one fit but it would be a lot more work . I can get the 3 valve single cam versions from our trucks though, and my question is opinions from your experience how much better would the twincam be and is it worth the extra work. It will be turbocharged. I have been told but not proved yet the front wheel engines have the same bolt pattern for the gearbox , it would be great to confirm that too. Thanks for the help Col
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