91 Stanza(olddd altima) FWD auto issues. stumped.. HELP

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91 Stanza(olddd altima) FWD auto issues. stumped.. HELP

Post by DanStan » Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:14 pm

Ok so here goes. I bought a stanza for 300$ then I bought another stanza for 600$ and drove that one 400 miles to home luckily without blowing up as a bomb. I made one Stanza out of the two and the one I've got ironed out to one remaining issue.

So far have done a full emission removal, replaced head and gasket, replaced carrier bearing that was seized for 400+ miles, new TPS, to much to list.... but here is the issue that persists. It surges... did on the 400 mile trip... has not stoped yet... not the normal surge... It is an front wheel drive automatic KA24E.

With the ignition power on (engine off) and I move throttle i hear a buzz from the top mounted¿ :?: transmission pan(noticed when setting tps voltage). Seems when it surges the transmission makes a buzz noise.. not sure if the two correlate or not.

Sometimes going up a hill it is hard to go over 40 mph due to when it is surging it seems to almost get stuck in the surge fit and lose a lot of power.

The transmission and engine were replaced at some point and they both seem in good shape and always shifts fine EXCEPT sometimes it does not want to hit overdrive(but only sometimes?? Maybe when cold fluid?).

I do have an exhaust leak before the O2 which I intend to address and correct tomorrow(luck be with me)... Could this be the entire issue?

Any suggestions or assistance would be Greatly appreciated.

I want to get this fixed... a lot of effort into this car for my wife but it surges to bad for me to let her drive it.

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Re: 91 Stanza(olddd altima) FWD auto issues. stumped.. HEL

Post by Altima-DET » Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:53 am

It's most likely NOT surge. With it being an automatic and you're hearing a "buzzing" noise from the trans, it's either a bad solenoid in the trans OR the torque converter is giving up the ghost. You can try replacing the fluid and filter (bad idea if you don't know the history) but the crap in the transmission might be the only thing keeping it working. Fresh fluid an filter will scrub all the crud out and possible stop the trans from working since there are worn areas that the crud is acting as a sealant. IF for some reason you ever need a trans for that car the Maxima trans up to 94 will bolt up

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