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Postby cham » Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:32 am

Not racist. I'm black. But the black guys in my area love mopar cars. They have a mopar club. Most likely military since the dodge dealership gives them discounts. So I come up on 3 chargers. All models older and new. including the bad ass one with the vented hood. I pulled up to the 1st older red 1 and looked over. He said do you wanna go. I said you ain't ready. He takes off and I gap him bad. I slowed down for the guy in the middle. We did a very short pull and he never left I guess. The 3rd guy had a brand new sporty white charger. Scat pack I guess. This fool told me to go like he's got gobs of power. I pulled off and never saw him until I hit the breaks and waited on him. They tried to get me to run on the interstate but I had **** to do. I would've won anyways. The car will do 150 strong.
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