2015 mustangs. Not a problem

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2015 mustangs. Not a problem

Postby cham » Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:45 am

Whipped up on a local shop owners brand new 2015 vert mustang. Only mods...intake, tuner and 555r. So I beat a gsxr 750. We ran side by side until he missed a shift then I pulled ahead and let out. He was at my door the whole time. So the guy asked 3 times for me to sell him my car. I said hell no. It ain't even Finished or dyno tuned. I built it for me to enjoy. If aNY thing I'll pass it to my son. So the local shop owner heard us talking and says , you beat that bike. His bike must be slow or he can't ride. I said you can laugh, but my car is quick for what it is. I leave about 30 mins later and his mustang is behind me at the light. His son pulls up driving with his buddy and said you'll probably kill me bUT I'm gonna try you. I said you got that **** right. We done 3 pulls and it wasn't even close. I figured his dad put him on me. Funny thing is his dad didn't know and found out about a week later that beat his new car. So he sends me a pic of a track ready fox body and said I'll run you with this 1. I laughed because he can't mod a car for ****. Last time I saw the fox it still had open diff and was slow. Ran so bad he had a 4sale sign on it.
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