Need Help with my build...:( NEW*

Basic tech questions such as future setups, different turbo kits, car diagnosis, etc
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Need Help with my build...:( NEW*

Post by Thenameistim » Mon May 01, 2017 1:51 am

Hello fellow 240sx owners..
I've recently gotten my hands on a 1991 240sx hatch.
Stock KA24DE...over 230,000 odo.
I'm wanting to do a rebuild on the engine and also planning on slapping a turbo on it.

Just want advice from the professionals to see if im whats needed to be done correctly in order to archive my goal. (350-400 hp)

Build idea:

Block build:
Package will include:
-Supertech - 89.5mm pistons and rings in 8.6
-Scat Rods- These H-beam connecting rods. Comes with ARP rod bolts.
-Clevite Bearings - Complete set of Standard Size Rod Bearings, Main bearings
-ARP Head Stud Kit
-Tomei Head Gasket 90mm

Turbo setup:
ISR turbo kit
ISR Performance RS3871 Turbo
ISR Performance V2 KA24DE Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold
ISR Performance Turbine O2 Housing
ISR Performance Downpipe
ISR Performance Intake Kit
ISR Performance KA-T Front Mount Intercooler Kit

HKS Universal Super SSQV 4 BOV Blow Off Valve
Deatschwerks Injectors 550cc
z32 maf
enthalpy tune

Yes i know i need oil lines, fuel rails, driveshaft, gauges, clutch, etc.

hoping i could get some help if I'm missing anything or if there are better parts for cheaper price or vice versa!
Thank you haha

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Re: Need Help with my build...:( NEW*

Post by Stephan » Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:28 pm

How did this build go?

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