Crank no start

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Crank no start

Postby tannerezell077 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:53 pm

I have a 91 240sx with a ka24de.
I recently just finished up my turbo project on my 240 and got it all tuned and the bugs worked out of it, so I thought. I went for a drive to the gas station to get some fresh gas seeings how I was very low. on my way there I run out of gas(gauge is incorrect). Shortly after I ran out some loggers stopped and ask if I needed help then they said they had a little gas enough to get me back home. after I got home which was less than a 3 minute drive I put 3 gallons of 87 octane in the car (always run 93) and head towards the gas station. Seems to be running fine then I put it in 5th gear and it backfires a little bit and then a big cloud of blackish rich smoke comes out my exhaust and it dies. got it home to see what the issue is
I have confirmed that I have the following:
- I have spark to all four plugs
- Checked timing and its spot on
- I have fuel to the fuel pressure regulator and obviously to the injectors because when I pull the plugs they have gas on them
- The motor is getting air
It cranks fine, and stumbles and shakes like it tries to start when I stop cranking. the battery is fully charged. I am able to check the tps % and maf and so on from my laptop it all seems okay to me. Could it possibly be bad gas? it seems to me like its flooding out and fouling the plugs. Someone please help I need to get this car back on the road and any info would be awesome!
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Re: Crank no start

Postby Walperstyle » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:39 pm

Drain the tank immediately, flush your fuel lines. You may have put some horrible fuel in your vehicle. Then try again. (that gas they gave you could have been anything)
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