My 95' Zenki KA-T Setup! 2018!

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My 95' Zenki KA-T Setup! 2018!

Postby unicoder » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:43 pm

Hello! I wanted to help keep populated with current content! Don't be discouraged in doing a KA-T because this forums is not active. I was able to find all the info I needed to get my KA-T running, and troubleshoot issues using this board (and zilvia forums too!)

My goal with this car was to have a reliable setup. Big HP numbers were not a goal here, so 250+ is way plenty for me. I haven't been on a dyno, but given my boost levels, and other similar builds on this site. I'd say i'm in the 275 hp range
My apologies for not being the best picture taker.. In the moment I would get tunnel vision and forget to take photos. So these photos will be more for you to enjoy rather than to instruct you how to do anything.

The Car - 1995 240sx SE. 145k miles - I bought it from the original owner for only $3500 on April 5th 2017

Don't let the pic fool you, the roof and trunk are almost all out of clear coat!

I immediately replaced the suspension with some TEIN Coilovers

I drove her this way, until the first of August, when I put her down for the turbo install. The whole process took just under 90 days. I fired her up for the first time on Thanksgiving 2017. The car has had its quirks like any project, but it has never left me stranded! To be honest, most of the issues project cars get, are due to the owner learning about how that car works. Which explains most of the issues I have had. I am 100% Happy with going KA-T and wouldn't change a thing if I had to go over it again.

PLUS: I have a spare ka24de that is waiting to get built whenever this car finally gives out!

The Turbo Kit
- I pieced together my own ISR Turbo Kit - this is what took the longest. Enjuku racing had a 9-10 week back-order on my intercooler setup. The car was ready to go after like the first 2 weeks! haha!

- ISR 3871RS Turbo
- ISR Manifold
- ISR Intercooler Kit
- Greddy Type FV BOV
- ISR Turbo Elbow/Downpipe
- HKS Full 3" turbo back exhaust (amazing, get this!)
- ISR 255lph Fuel Pump
- ISR Short Shifter (not necessary just fun)
- NGK BKR6E Spark Plugs (coppers I think? Gapped as low as i can go like .28 IIRC was getting blowout at .30+)
- OEM SR20 370cc Injectors
- Z32 MAF
- Z32 Fuel Filter
- RS Enthalpy Tune (Best decision ever)
- AEM Wideband
- Equus Boost Gauge
- Custom Oil Drain (5/8" line from turbo to oil pan - if you do this with a hose, and bottom mount turbo, tap the oil pan towards the back, so your hose doesnt have to go under the motor mount like mine does)
- 3AN Oil Feed
- I chose not to run water lines to this turbo, has not been an issue so far. I make sure to turbo time it and not to do back to back pulls if I am giving someone a ride.
- Motorcycle Battery ETX-30L
- OEM Clutch replacement (mistake don't do this)
- EGR Delete (do this)
- PCV Delete (DO NOT SKIP THIS. HUGE boost leak issue) - Tap and plug the intake mani ports to PCV, then just vent pcv to atmosphere, just point it down to the ground.
- Rewire the Fuel Pump ( I didn't do this, cause searching said it's hit or miss. WRONG. Do it right the first time, rewire the fuel pump)

Here is a hodge podge of pictures in no order:
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Re: My 95' Zenki KA-T Setup! 2018!

Postby flip240 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:18 pm

Nice build!! Lots of pics = porn!
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