Supporting turbo manifold and and cat back

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Supporting turbo manifold and and cat back

Postby flip240 » Sun May 20, 2018 7:26 pm

This has always been in the back of my mind. But how does everyone have their turbo system supported? I am currently running a bottom mount turbo which is supported by heim joint bolted to a bracket on the block with no exhaust/transmission mount.

I've tried running a few different exhaust brackets to support the exhaust to the transmission, but those all seemed to have failed one way or anotherl. I originally had a SR20 downpipe that had a welded 1/16" piece of aluminum that bolted to the stock exhaust/transmission mount. That broke off at the welds, so I rewelded it but then the rubber piece separated from the bracket; so I switched to a hard heim-joint bolted from the exhaust to the transmission. Wether it was just a weak turbo manifold, or this method caused too much stress, the old bottom mount manifold cracked at one of the runner welds.

Even though I have a solid heim joint supporting the turbo to the block, I've always thought that it would be extra insurance to have another mount supporting the exhaust. Any ideas?

TL:DR: How do you support your turbo and exhaust? Factory? Custom mounts?
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Re: Supporting turbo manifold and and cat back

Postby cleantune » Mon May 28, 2018 5:08 pm

I honestly don't think I have any supports. The manifold is from ETS and was very compact, with the mount flange for the turbo very close to and almost level with the flange going to the block. My guess is that the thick flange and maybe even the thickness of the tubing coupled with the solid exhaust (no flex pipe) to the factory exhaust mounts is helping hold it in place.

I have seen people use custom rods bolted to the valve cover/ block and some heim joints (depending on the location of their turbo).
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