338HP/337TQ on E85 @ 15PSI

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338HP/337TQ on E85 @ 15PSI

Postby Ada180sx » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:20 am

Hi All,

I wanted to share my Dyno/Build with everyone. Namely because it was the kind of info I was looking for when doing my build but I was not able to find. Generally, the two groups on here seem to be the ones really pushing the power envelope for serious racing or the persons looking to “Turbo their KA” ie stock everything except a small bolt on t25 or ebay turbo and a box of Chinese parts.

Purpose: Bullet proof, reliable drift/track car
I wanted a car with lightning fast response, excellent throttle modulation that will be reliable for many years to come. I do not have the time or inclination to pull my motor yearly. Most of all, this car needs to be ready to party, whenever there is a party! I only do time attack to dial in susp settings. Primarily a drift car. Trailered to events. Occasional Sunday cruise to keep the fuel system clean.

Relevant Engine Mods:

Bottom End
Pistons: JE 9.0:1
Rods: Manley
Bearings: Clevite
All hardware is ARP
Standard bore, everything polished and balanced, decked for MLS head gasket (Cosworth) assembled by AES in Elk Grove

Top End
Cams: Tomei Poncam (270deg, 9.5mm lift)
Valve Train: Stock
Intake Mani: Stock (sealed for boost, swirl junk removed)
Mild Porting to gasket size
ARP Head Studs

Exhaust Setup
Ext Mani: Super Old School XS Engineering (might not flow the best but its very well made)
Turbo: Greddy TD-05H 18G with Kinugawa billet comp wheel (Amazing increase in response vs stock wheel)
Outlet: Tomei SR Outlet (Also super old school)
Downpipe: Trust Mild Steel (Predictably, old school)
Exhaust: Mandrel bent 80mm Stainless

Fuel System
Pump: Walbro 255
Reg: Aeromotive 13129
Inj: FC Engineering PL9 1200cc

MSPNP2 V1.3 (V 3.4.2 firmware)
Stock Dizzy/CAS and Coil
MAF Delete with GM Open Element IAT
DIY Autotune Trigger wheel
Boost control via DIY Autotune solenoid

Rad: Mishimoto Dual pass
Oil Cooler: Earls 19 row with Trust block
I/C: R32 GT-R intercooler (Pulled from my GT-R when I upgraded to an ARC about a million years ago, in Japan) with custom piping
Intake: Custom job with Airaid Trackday filter

Final Gear: (Not sure if this is relevant or not) 4.6:1 from xterra front diff. At my home course (US AIR), this allows me to be solidly in 3rd instead of bouncing off the limiter in 2nd constantly…

Tuned by Mikey (@Mspec/Touge Factory)

Dyno results: (Two runs used for final tune)
Blue – Waste gate spring (0.8bar/12psi)
Red – Party Mode 1 bar/15psi
Dynamometer: Dynojet 224XLC (4wd capable)

The waviness of the “Party Mode” line was apparently related to waste gate flutter and conservative timing. Regardless, its not actually perceivable while driving.


I am certainly willing to share my tune (MSQ file) with any megasquirt fans that care to have a look.

Thanks for all the great info on this site.

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Re: 338HP/337TQ on E85 @ 15PSI

Postby Ada180sx » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:22 am

This is a direct link to the picture:
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