Timing Dropping into Single Digits/Zero 0*

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Timing Dropping into Single Digits/Zero 0*

Post by Tyler240sxs14 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:51 pm

Hey Guys,

(If needs to go into tuning section please let me know and I'll move it)

I finally got my car all put back together after building a turbo setup. I have built/tuned quite a few cars (hondas) from the ground up pushing 350+ so I'm not a total newbie but to the nissan world I am I will say.

I'll start with I bought this car completely stock and I am in the middle of finishing it up to drift. I have PBM everything front and back and then decided I needed a little more power so I figured I'd boost the KA.

I'll post my setup below but my issue is an ignition timing issue. I been dealing with Martin at RS-Enthalpy which is a super awesome guy and has been nothing but helpful so far with this build. I know he's busy and that's why I am here. I have had a few issue since it's been completed. I took it on the dyno and second pull blew a freeze plug and headgasket because of a faulty Turbosmart MBC. So I brought it home rebuilt it, checked everything and seemed to be good. (Issue was still present before rebuild) Since I got it back up and running I've been trying to pin point why my timing is dipping to 0* in the middle of a pull via DATASCAN. It depends what gear I'm in but in 3rd from 3-5k it drops to 0* then starts to climb back up... I've replaced the knock sensor and sub harness, did the s13 distributor mod (thought it was just spark blow out at first), new cap and rotor, new plug wires, tried plug gaps from .035 to .018 and still the same thing. Tried 2 ecus, OHMd out knock sensor hot wire to ecu (.002-3) Base Timing is at 20*. My A/F is at 11.5-12 and boost at 12.5psi until timing starts to drop then I go rich and drop in boost pressure.

-Stock Ka24de
-Stock intake manifold
-Stock throttle body
-Rev9 cast exhaust manifold
-New 38mm precision WG at 12.5psi
-New Percision 5431 .48ar
-2.5” to 3” straight pipe
-2”id hot side charge pipe into m-spec intercooler to 2.5”id cold side
-Blow thru z32 (n62) maf in 2.5” id pipe
-740cc injectors (cleaned and flow tested)
-S13 distributor mod with msd ss blaster coil
-Ngk wires & Magnecor, bkr7e plugs, new oem cap and rotor
-New knock sensor & sub harness
-timing set at 20 degree
-stock fuel pressure (new regulator and filter)
-Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump

All of these parts are new besides the maf sensor.

If anyone has any incite on to what could be causing my timing to do this or maybe some other places I can check before I buy a new engine harness and distributor I would greatly appreciate it! If I missed anything and you need some more information please let me know and I'll answer.

Thank you!!!

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Re: Timing Dropping into Single Digits/Zero 0*

Post by Tyler240sxs14 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:12 pm

Okay guys, if anyone has any ideas that would be awesome! I just replaced the distributor and still the same issue. There are no 0* values on any maps knock map included so what could be doing this?

Thank you

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Re: Timing Dropping into Single Digits/Zero 0*

Post by S14ILKA » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:42 am

People swear by RS tunes but I'm always skeptical due to weak numbers they put out. This could be part of a reason.
As far as I'm aware you need the guy for RS to fine tune your stuff or to figure out why timing is dropping. He might of messed up with parameters.
Megasquirt user, and I couldn't be happier with ability to tune, datalog, having COP and no MAF.

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