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KA-T.org - The Home of 1000+ whp/7 sec Turbo KA's
KA-T.org - The Home of 1000+ whp/7 sec Turbo KA's


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  KA-T.org - The Home of 1000+ whp/7 sec Turbo KA's
Written by Ryan K.

Stock DOHC base timing is 20 degrees. Click on picture to enlarge.


I find many people advancing or retarding or attempting to set base timing to stock incorrectly. It is proper procedure to pull the TPS after the motor is warmed up.

Another key point is to making sure your car is at 700 rpms. The way you do this is through the idle air screw on the back of the intake manifold.

After the motor is warm, turn off the car and unplug the TPS. Then start the car up and race the motor over and over again to around 3000 rpms and then set the idle to 700-750 rpms. Then shoot the timing light and rotate the distributor until it shows 20 degrees (last notch to the right on crank) but it needs to be at 700-750 rpms. Obviously as you rotate the distributor, the rpms change as well. After its at 20 degrees, turn the car off, plug the TPS back in, fire it back up and then it will be considered stock base timing.

I set my base timing easily with the use of my MDM Techtom. The MDM Techtom has a timing readout. After motor is warm, turn the car off and pull the TPS, fire it back up, race the motor over, and then just match the crank to whatever timing number is displayed on the MDM Techtom. After that, I turn the car off and plug the TPS back in (locks it in place in ecu) and then my timing is considered stock base timing. With the MDM, its easy to do this since all you have to do is make sure the crank and the MDM show the same number with TPS unplugged.

Either one of these ways are the only effective ways to do it. When you are advancing your base timing, it is really important to do it correctly so you dont end up being 15 degrees advance over or something crazy like that.

Its easier than i make it sound through my wording but if you cant do it, hook it up to CONSULT at Nissan dealership and call it a day.

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