Tomei kit on an S13?

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Tomei kit on an S13?

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Hey all,
I've been looking at the Tomei KA kit and instructions for a long time and am close to pulling the trigger. My problem though is that the instructions and parts are all centered around an S14. So I was wondering, specifically for the Greddy parts, should I get the S14 parts as recommended by the guide, or the equivalent S13 parts?

The instructions suggest these parts:
11920202 SUCTION KIT Φ80

But Greddy also has these parts for an S13:
12020479 Type24E LS Intercooler Kit
11920200 Suction Kit

If anyone knows I'd appreciate it. I tried searching but haven't come up with anything for these part numbers.

Also, of course now that I'm looking to buy, they've discontinued their exhaust manifold. Anyone know anything about the replacement? Is it actually coming soon?
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