PDM Control Arms Ball Joint ?

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PDM Control Arms Ball Joint ?

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Along time ago PDM sold complete lower control arms for the S13.
I had them on for 8 years, and the ball joint went bad.
I pressed out the ball joint, and bought a new S13 one..

Guess what? It doesn't fit. The PDM racing arms use some different (not S13 or S14 or 200sx or sentra that I can find) ball joint.
S13 ball joints where they press in is a tiny bit taller.
Diameter for the S13 ball joints where they press in is like 1.615.
The PDM ball joints were like 1.623

Anyone have any idea what ball joint they use? If not I guess I'll buy used OEM control arms so I don't have to go through this again...
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Re: PDM Control Arms Ball Joint ?

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I have not had luck with pressing in ball joints into these LCAs. A few years ago I had to replace one and the Moog one I had pressed in fairly loosely. I wound up tack welding it in place on the bottom just to be sure.

Those differences are pretty small and just might depend on the size of the knurl where the interference fit is. I guess what I mean is it likely is the same size, just different amount of interference depending on the manufacturer.

I wish they just spun in with some large coarse thread (like a coilover).

I'm going to buy the whole arm aftermarket next time, the price is barely higher than just the ball joint alone. Check Rock-Auto.
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