Old homepage restored

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Old homepage restored

Post by airman »

Hey all,

I first wish to share my regret in not having accomplished the vision I had in mind once taking over KA-t.org. Barring a boring list of excuses, I do want to express my utter thanks to all the dedicated members who help keep this site active. A community like this can be hard to come across as far as many internet groups go.

With that said, you probably noticed the old homepage being back in its place when you arrived. It makes me glad to see it again :) http://www.ka-t.org

I know vanilla phpBB is boring, and I had hoped to have spiffed up the place by now but life was crazy last year. Some of the moderators and I have recently kicked some ideas around for the future states of the site. The only thing is - I can't be more honest when I say my skillset and level of free time (teaching myself) is holding back the implementation of those changes.

Nevertheless, when phpBB3 was installed ~2 years go (?) it broke the homepages and ka-t.org was changed to redirect to ka-t.org/forums. When I first took over I wanted to fix the issue but I was overcomplicating the errors; it just looked like some of the PHP functions called upon were old phpBB2 components which became gone after the upgrade. After looking at it all again, it clicked and I knew what to do. I think everything works as far as content goes. Check it out!

Again, thanks to all members old and new. I hope you get a kick out of seeing the old site back in its place.

With utmost appreciation,
Michael T
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by adamky »

Awesome! I had almost forgotten what it looked like. I think the layout and format still looks very good, even though it's a bit old by forum/internet standards.
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by hotbox240 »

Good to see. Hopefully this community will continue to grow. It's been a little slow as of late but hopefully it will pickup come spring. I know what you mean about having time ( I haven't even looked at my car in 2 months). It's challenging to have a hobby once you have kids.
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by s14fiend »

I just noticed as I went to login..... nostalgia just kicked in lol I used to spend hours on their reviewing people's builds list to try to make one for myself.

This one goes out to all the active member's with their build threads going......https://www.facebook.com/teambasicgarag ... nref=story
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by supakat »

Good stuff Mike....keep it up.
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by p00t »

Real life comes first always. I am just glad you are still working on and caring for the site.

It was a trip when I saw the old homepage!
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by duncan351 »

Its nice to see the old site. I believe it helped draw a lot of people to the site. I believe it will again considering most forums have nothing like it. The cars do need to be updated at this point but great start.
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by trk240sx »

Missed it, glad it's back! Always has been some good links!
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by S14wayz »

Was a nice thing to see after being away from the forum for many months.

Great work airman!
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Re: Old homepage restored

Post by Walperstyle »

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