Looking for appraisal for parts

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Looking for appraisal for parts

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So I'm finally getting around to parting out my unfinished project that fell on its face when I moved a few years back, but I'm not really sure what some of my parts are worth these days as some aren't made anymore.

AMS top feed fuel rail with -an ss braided lines, fpr, high flow fuel filter, 95lb injectors.
Cylinder head with supertech valves/springs and BC street cams.
JGS turbo kit, turbo has surface rust on the hot side from sitting for such a long time but it spins just fine.
Nistune type 3 board with all the cables needed. Don't really know what these go for used.

I can post up pictures for reference if needed once my pc decides to recognize my phone. Also sorry if this isn't the right section to post this, wasn't sure if I should post here or the for sale section.
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