KA-T build stuck

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KA-T build stuck

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It's been a long time since I was on this forums looking up resources to source parts. Got everything, then life happened and 7 years the project went nowhere. Had kids, no time to play, and forgot mostly everything. Last year with a help of a friend, finally got the parts all put in and now stuck on the hardest 10%. Parts are all in, car runs, now I need to figure out tuning, but before I can get to that I'm getting some odd AFR readings. When idle my meter seems to hit the meters max at 21.8, but when I got on throttle it'll fluctuate everywhere but mostly give me readings bouncing between 7-10. Not really running much boost right now because things seem out of sorts.

Was wondering if anyone could provide some tips on what I need to look at next to diagnose this? I'm pretty basic at this, pretty much fell out of the loop of everything and just looking for some help.

If anyone has suggestions on suggested EMS for tuning now too that'd help too. Nistune still in business? Currently just have a enthalpy tune but plan to replace it with something proper. Just dish for a AEM EMS?

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Re: KA-T build stuck

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Have you tried to re-calibrate the wideband?
LC-1 was really sensitive to grounding too, so double check it's tight and not connected near another voltage gnd (like radio etc..)
Problem sounds electrical to me unless it bogs, smells super rich and almost doesn't run. If it seemingly runs good with 7-10:1 afr with no black smoke or smelling super rich I'd bet double check how you hooked up the lc1 and recalibrate it.
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