97-01 q45 diff relating to aftermarket LSD

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97-01 q45 diff relating to aftermarket LSD

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[media]Image[/img][/media]So this past weekend sheared all the teeth off of my pinion in my original s14 vlsd with a Cusco rs 2 way installed. Thankfully the 2 way came out unscathed.

I have a diff from a 98 q which I want to use because of the gearing. I also have the 5 bolt axles from a j30 to swap over.

Question is can I swap over the cusco 2 way into the 98 pumpkin. Or is there some combination of parts that I need.

I’ve been searching the web for hours but can’t find consensus for a aftermarket lsd in a q diff.

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Re: 97-01 q45 diff relating to aftermarket LSD

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How did you sheer the teeth off? These diffs are so damn strong...

I am attempting to go off of memory here... There was too much homework involved but from what I remember I swapped in a s15 helical and it fit in the 1st gen Q45 differential directly using the s15 output shafts. The output shafts follow the center carrier part. So if those other output shafts work with the Cusco you are good.

The Q45 might have bigger ring gear bolts than the standard s13/s14, so check your ring gear bolts before proceeding. I remember there was something different about the bolts when I compared back to the S13 and I think you can buy s15 bolts if you need them to make it work. They are special oversized shank bolts.

You should be able to keep the bearing shims in the same order and it will mesh fine. Mine worked out okay. It probably could be adjusted to get the noise down a little but shimming is a PITA.

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