Need Basic Assistance ka24e-t

Basic tech questions such as future setups, different turbo kits, car diagnosis, etc
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Need Basic Assistance ka24e-t

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Hello all, I’m just curious if anyone can lend me a little assistance with my project pickup. I’m trying to wrap up a build on my 93 4x4 Hardbody. This is my first turbo build so I’m still figuring out a lot as I go. I’ve got a stock ka24e engine only upgrades are new felpro head gasket, and all new gaskets from there up (intake, exhaust, throttle body etc.) 570cc deaschwerks top feed injectors, Rev9 turbo manifold with a smaller Garret .60 trim I believe with custom welded ic piping through intercooler into custom welded oe throttle body, tiel wastegate and bov and an evil energy boost reference fuel regulator and 24 -2 trigger wheel. AEM wideband o2 sensor wired into ECU which is a mspnp2. Boost gauge, oil pressure gauge and afr gauge in cab. What I am trying to figure out is either my o2 sensor reading is incorrect or I am running really lean, the custom welded exhaust only has a cherry bomb on the underside of the truck and if you ask me it smells like it is running very rich but my gauge is indicating lean conditions like very lean??? I’m chasing my tail with the ve tables as well. If anyone has any input or tuning tips with either the mspnp2 or AEMwideband that could assist it would be much appreciated. Idle and timing all seem acceptable at this time but on that note when I was timing off of the #1 cylinder when I switched from a fixed advance to use table in ts my timing changed about 20 degrees?? So I changed the tooth angle to about 92 and that put me back at around 10 degrees btdc. I’m pretty much out of ideas, I’ve got the walbro 255 that I was planning on installing after I can get it to idle around 13 or 14 afr. Please help lol
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Re: Need Basic Assistance ka24e-t

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Timing way out or a misfire could cause it. One injector flowing way more than the others as well. Maybe timing on the injector opening?
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