Fuel system questions???

Basic tech questions such as future setups, different turbo kits, car diagnosis, etc
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Fuel system questions???

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I'm currently in the middle of a supercharged ka24e build it's a hardbody (sohc) I've been taking pictures and videos documenting the progress and I'll do it right up once I get a little bit further that way my updates aren't 6 months apart LOL ... But currently I'm on the fuel system I just wanted to see what I had planned is practical or need to go a different route. The idea is-
Walbro 255lph
8:1 fmu
Pressure regulator and gauge
....I'm currently searching for a set of injectors but not sure which ones to use , and if I can find a is 13 intake use that and need a different style injectors that's why I've held off on making a decision on those ..... When I get it up and running the plan is be somewhere between 6lb to 8lb of boost cuz I'm not changing the ECU and running the fuel adjustments with only the fmu I will try my best to stay below 10 lb. Monitoring air fuel with a wideband sensor
.... My question about the fuel system is do I need the fuel pressure regulator and if I do need to add the market or adjustable one when installed do I need to alter or remove the stock regulator?
Next question is on the fmu is 8:1 a decent place to start I know they are adjustable but it is a pain in the butt do you think I'd be better off during my 10 or even 12:1
...... Last question is with the boost at or below 10 lb what injectors will work where's my current 95 hardbody intake and what injectors when I need if I ended up switching to the s13 intake
..... Really the fuel system is not my strong suit I'm kind of just winging it I did a lot of reading and researching and this is the best ideas I've gotten so far so I'm totally okay please recommend whatever you think would work best and my little hard body pickup .... Thank you for taking the time to read and or reply every bit of information I can get is very appreciated
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Re: Fuel system questions???

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Your biggest issue which the fuel regulator does not solve is your timing.

You should be able to socket the ECU and run a custom tune or get nismotronic for it. Even without consult connection it is way better than an SAFC and EMU.

Lots of existing threads on this but the pictures may be long gone!
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