Sooo this turbl build

Basic tech questions such as future setups, different turbo kits, car diagnosis, etc
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Sooo this turbl build

Post by HitNRun »

So i changed my plans
Going with a hx35w holset turbo
Welded the internal wg shut
Going to run a external wg

Expect dumb questions.

I was looking at maybe doing a single exhaust housing from the twin scroll and doing a .63ar turbine housing
Cant find any only come up with **** about the gt30
Will that work?

Now im trying to piece pretty much a 1500$ turbo setup good for 300+Rwhp

Someone told me to go with a cast iron t3 manifold from ebay, anyone have any experience with them?

I have a couple more questions ill ask tomorrow as its 4:30 and im dead tired
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Re: Sooo this turbl build

Post by shift_down »

Hey do tyou have a build thread?
If not, I'll just move this over to Picture threads and you can post your build up here. You can post pics and questions and thatll help you out a lot.

But to answer some stuff:
The cast iron log manifold from ebay is less than 100$ and it works very well. It's better than the JGS manifold in my opinion, because of the placement of the turbo. It places the turbo in the middle, where all the runners meet, instead of on just one runner. i am using the ebay manifold, have been for a couple years with no isues at all. The only problem with it is that the ports might not match up to the head ports, so you can port match if you want; I didnt. Also, there are 8 stud holes, you will need to fill in the 4 that you are not using or you will get major exhaust leaks.

Now the Hx35 is an awesome turbo for 300+ hp. So If that is your goal, then good job on getting that turbo.

So as for pricing:

Holset Hx35: 350$
Ebay wastegate: 50$
Ebay BOV: 50$
Ebay Log mani: 90$
Ebay Intercooler kit: 200$
740cc Injectors: 250$
Oil lines: 100$
Gauges: 150$
Enthalpy tune: 300$
Welding Misc stuff: 150$
3 inch exhaust: 200$

This is just at the top of my head. Im sure Im forgetting a lot. You see, even with ebay parts, you are looking at atleast 1900$
Good Luck
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