97-98 stock ride height

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97-98 stock ride height

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Anyone still riding on a stock ride height with oem wheels and possibly oem size tires on their S14..?? Trying to find out what the distance is from the ground to the fender well top most point .. Can't seem to find one here locally that i can do a quick measure on ...
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Re: 97-98 stock ride height

Post by cleantune »

Quick tip: pixel measurement in photoshop (I think I made a thread on here about this.

Measure something you have with you on the car (I'd pick the diameter of the lugnut or window length (something that will be the same on your car and another)

Find a pic of stock height 240, and measure the lug nut diameter in pixels (obviously higher resolution, more accurate measurement.

Take your measurement found from your lugnuts (in, cm, mm...whatever you choose) and the lugnut (or whatever part you measured) pixels measurement from that picture of stock 240 and set up a conversion factor. For example lugnut= 10mm and in pic lugnut=400 pixels (there's actually a ruler tool in photoshop so you don't have to count them out). So then 400pixels=10mm....then 40pixels=1mm.

Go to your stock 240 pic and measure that wheel gap in pixels and use your conversion. For example let's say measured 5000 pixels....we do 5000/40= 125....so gap in this made up example would be 125mm.

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