KA using a Ford distributor cap

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KA using a Ford distributor cap

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Hello all,
I forgot my original user name, so welcome my brand new account.

Here is my issue,

I have a Ka, but it uses a modified distributor. I went to change the spark plug wires which had rotted and realized the cap wasn't OEM, after speaking to my mechanic, he reminded me with changed out the top end of the distributor to accept a Ford V-8 cap (the 1979 to 1995 5.0L used in Foxbody Mustangs) , this solved an issue we had with spark jumping.

The problem is the wires and the rotor or not from either car, and we don't know what they are, i did order some NGK wires that might be correct, well know tomorrow, but I am hoping someone on this forum made the swap in the past and knows what rotor and wires are used.

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Re: KA using a Ford distributor cap

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This is baffling to me...
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