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New member: Brisket

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Hi everyone,

I had 3 240s when I was 18-21, 2 with SR's, drifting, etc. Got into heaps of trouble and sold it all, but still had amazing memories of drifting up and down mountains etc. Fast forward 16 years, I started getting nostalgic and decided to build a 240sx that I can enjoy and eventually pass to my son.

I found a unicorn, one owner - auto '91 coupe (without hicas) with 69k km on it and immediately started ordering parts. The car needs a repaint, which will be the first step in the process, but so far I have , 17" Volk GT-Us, R32 seats (re-upholstered in leather with an alcantara inserts and pattern to match the rear seats), full SPL suspension, V3 coils, Nismo power brace, Core4 wildwood brakes (z32 rear drums), manual conversion bits, etc.

Hoping to tap into your knowledge here for a proper KA-T build. Looking to run 350whp on the street, but going to build a spare motor to be capable of 500+.
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