Cage question asap please!

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Cage question asap please!

Post by Majouri »

First post sorry if im breaking rules.

So my s13 is at the fab shop right now. Reading the FD rule book, it says the rear bars need to attach to the chassis/unibody.

Now is welding in a strut bar and attaching the rear bars to the strut bar legal? That is my main question.

Feel free to comment on the cage as a whole. Wanting to know before we weld the rear bars in.

Thank you

Here are some pics.
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Re: Cage question asap please!

Post by cleantune »

I'm a little late on this, but NO this is not FD-legal ...or any other racing rule book legal as far as I know. I believe what is pictured can be modified though without completely restarting.

Per FD rules (which often match up to scca/nasa rules) the down tubes coming off of the main hoop rearward should be welded directly to the strut tower, not the strut bar. Can weld a plate to the face of the strut tower to give more material (rulebook on fd website, may specify size like they do for anti intrusion plates, etc). Like i said I believe this can be corrected without completely restarting, I'm not a pro welder though so would definitely consult a pro welder beforehand though about modifying setup pictured.

On a side note, I have been to some track events where some cars had their Cages this way, as far as I know they just weren't competitive racing events or events where a cage is not necessary.
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