S14 MSPNP2 V3.3.1 DIY trigger wheel settings

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S14 MSPNP2 V3.3.1 DIY trigger wheel settings

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Car runs and idles good with basemap on stock wheel(major kickbacks)

I swapped a spare Distributor in and it fired right up. Then I swapped the trigger wheel in. This is where it will not start anymore. Kept fouling plugs and major pops .

Can someone with S14 dis using trigger wheel give me some tips on settings?>
I was trying alot of settings and found the distributor getting warm and I gave up.

Spark mode: Toothed Wheel.
Ignition input capture: Falling Edge
Spark output - Going high/going low ( tried both)
Trigger wheel teeth: 12
Missing Teeth: 1
Tooth #1 angle: 345
Wheel speed: Crank wheel
Second trigger active on: Rising edge
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