4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Street races, kills, losses, etc
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4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Post by ka-t240sx »

I got a few races down through out the day today haha. Wish i had videos but kinda not really safe to be racing and taking videos with out using a go pro or a passenger.

First one i Was cruising down the highway on the way home from work when a s13 and a 2013 mustang gt roll up besides me. s13 had a gt42r @ ~16 psi and the mustang had full header back exhaust, cold air and a chip.
My specs are in the dyno results. Heres the link for anyone who is curious and don't wanna go sifting through the dyno results to find it.

I heard them down shift a few gears so i Dropped down to 3rd gear at 3000rpm (don't have a working speedo.. lol) and i waited until they stepped on it then i went, they had a good 1/4 to 1/2 car length on me before i got on the gas. was kinda in my own little world for a few seconds lol. anyways i caught up by the top of third door to door on the s13 and about 3/4 length on the stang, hit fourth i was a good half length on the s13 and car length and a bit on the stang, shifted into fifth and let off at 6k and when i let off i was a car on the s13, and bout 2 lengths on the mustang. I was shifting at 6400 too. limiters set to 7200 last i checked. Don't really know why i was shiftin that early but she really surprised me.

Second race of the day was a 1jz supra. Had no clue what turbo he was running but i blew his doors off. even gave the guy a car length head start before i got on it. Did not take long at all before i caught up and went flying past him.

Third race was against a deep blue 350z with exhaust, CAI, and chip. Beautiful car. Perfectly stanced, not too low and not "hella flush" was more of a perfect track setup look. Looked absolutely beautiful.
Started out in third gear around 3k rom and he had me by a half a car until i hit boost then i was gone. guy rolled down his window with a what the hell you got in that thing look on his face and two thumbs up lol.

Fourth race was against some 60 yr old guy in a 1sx gen Mercedes CLk with the 5.4L
his wife looked over at me at the light then gave her husband a tap on the shoulder, then she grined at me. i totally knew he was gunna stomp on her as soon as the light turned green and boy did he ever haha.
We were door to door until i was 3/4 way through 3rd gear, mostly cause i had zero traction through first/second and beginning of third haha. Stopped at the next set of lights and both of them had the biggest grin haha. guy gave me a thumbs up and waved good by as he turned away. That couple made my day man. just the way it happened and when i finally clued into the guy being easily in his 60's lol

Went through half tank of gas between those few races and a bit of driftin. Don't know bout anyone elses KA-T on pump gas but she LOVES drinking gas.
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Re: 4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Post by airman »

Sound like a great day. Gotta love the grandpa racers - especially when they have their women with them.

Makes me think of when some 2006+ (idk) black turbo Porsche comes through town on my way home (never saw him again) and tried to show me up. Took him by a car length and was still pulling.

Reactions are always my favorite. Porsche guy was definitely upset and stayed 100 feet behind me for 5 more miles before he turned. I like the ones where the looks on their faces are like "wow that's fantastic!"

Ugh. My heart aches for boost...
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Re: 4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Post by 1SikS13 »

love hunting down V8's in the KA!
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Re: 4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Post by flip240 »

Nice runs, you got some balls. I usually race 1 car, then I'm too scared of getting caught.
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Re: 4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Post by Grant »

good runs man, im lucky if i have 1 in a day
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Re: 4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Post by stealthmasta »

Damn your car sounds beast, cant wait to get my ka-t setup up and running! :D
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Re: 4 Kills, one day. KA-T FTW! :D

Post by Rb26kouki »

Need a go pro with the control to turn it on on special occasions like these lol
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