Run fuel pump with switch ?

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Run fuel pump with switch ?

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The car : 97 altima gxe made in the usa 5/96 manual trans , without anti-theft
have a wiring issue, its possible i have damaged ecu.
after replacing fuel pump still no fuel. wire harness at the fuel pump connector had 12volts, so i replaced the pump , now there is no voltage at that wire harness. i have already run wire from battery direct to a switch to fuel pump, pump works, where i was going to use the original fuel pump wire harness to activate a relay now that won't work because no voltage there now.

So now i have a switch instead of a relay, i CAN run the vehicle this way but, i read on EC-17 of the 97 altima fsm " Fuel shut-off : fuel to each cylinder is cut off during deceleration or operation of the engine at excessively high speeds. " on EC-20 it describes more fuel cut off, but states its different from whats mentioned on EC-17. without a relay the worst i think could happen is i waste gas on decel or forget to turn the switch off(correct me if i am wrong ).

but my actual question is : does fuel cut off mean A: the power to fuel pump is cut off. or B : the fuel injectors do not open.

If anyone knows of any reason why I shouldn't wire from battery to fuse to switch to fuel pump or knows about the fuel cut off please reply, I thank everyone in advance for your time and assistance.

Mods : i made the title more general than " what does fuel cut off do ? " in case some one wants to warn of some unforeseen danger in my wiring, but feel free to change it.
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Re: Run fuel pump with switch ?

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The answer to your question is "B : the fuel injectors do not open.".
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