Gold coated lenses and Lanthanated Tungsten

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Gold coated lenses and Lanthanated Tungsten

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Today I bought a gold coated lense for my large view fixed shade helmet and I must say its awesome. I can see so much better and it shows in my weld quality. They are fairly inexpensive at airgas with contractor pricing and that purchase has probably been one of my best improvements so far.
I also purchased some Lanthanated Tungsten and I must say its great. I like it better for both AC and DC welding. Im using a Miller 180SD and it holds a sharp point longer than thoriated and when welding aluminum with AC it works very well with a truncated point. Another tip for beginners, I went to the Thrift store today and got some stainless steel and aluminum pots/pans/trays to practice on. One of the aluminum trays is basically unweldable but all the rest were great. Ant they were only like $3 each.
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Re: Gold coated lenses and Lanthanated Tungsten

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It is a really awesome man to have this fixed shade with the helmet.
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