1991 D21turbo 4x4

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1991 D21turbo 4x4

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Looks like I'm late to the party, no posts in this forum for over a year. Guess that means I have the whole place to myself. :P

Just got my KA-T project running a few months ago. It's still a bit of a work in progress.

1991 Nissan D21 Hardbody 4x4 5-speed
KA24E, 2.4l SOHC, 12-valve, stock internals
$100 generic eBay T03/T04 hybrid turbo with internal wastegate at 9psi, 2.5 charge tube, intercooler, BOV
Rev9 exhaust manifold, 2.5" downpipe and full exhaust, Summit turbo welded muffler
Truck multi-port intake and throttle body, Denso 425cc RX8 yellow top feed injectors, fuel pressure set to 50psi base and referenced to vac/boost
DYI shutter wheel in distributor for 12-1 crank and cam signal, LS2 coils, full sequential

Yep, running Megasquirt MS2 V3.0 standalone with a few customizations for full sequential.

Being it's a 4x4, this little truck is pretty heavy. It weighs in at 3800lbs with me in it. It has been my daily driver for about three years. Needless to say, when NA it was quite a dog on the streets. I've been planning out how to boost it for over a year. I started collecting parts for it last year. Covid-19 work from home situation gave me the opportunity to actually dive in and get it done. It took me about four weeks to complete the turbo project, plus I completely rebuilt the front suspension at the same time - ball joints, tie rods, bushings, idler arm, center link, etc. And now, finally, the truck is actually fun to drive. I won't say it's fast, but at least now I can keep up with the minivan driving soccer moms.

Future plans are to do a home port job on a spare head. Swap that on with a Cometic head gasket. Also need to upgrade the clutch. It still has the original clutch with 160k miles on it. After that, I can start cranking the boost up. Would like to be running in the 12-15lb range. Then maybe I can keep up with mid-range SUVs. :D

Will figure out how to post pics and get a few on here.
- Greg
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