Ebay KA24 SOHC turbo kit.....at least a good starting point?

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Ebay KA24 SOHC turbo kit.....at least a good starting point?

Post by bonylad »

I am picking up a 94 D21 Hardbody. RCSB with a manual trans and around 100K.

I am aware I need a top mount manifold to run anything. Assuming a ebay turbo kit is a starting point.
Anyone have input as to whether or not an ebay turbo kit is a good stepping off point?

Unless my research shows another option on the low end so far as fuel management goes, I plan to run a 8:1 FMU.
I wish it was simple like the 7MGTE where a Lexus AFM and 550s are basically a match so far as what ya need for fuel management.

I do have a 340 lph pump which is overkill but I have it...so why not? The goal is right to 200 whp. So perhaps 7-8 Psi on a internal waste gated T3. I have had several forced induction vehicles I have built over the years (I am 43) so I feel I am knowledgeable enough, but I am always willing to learn more - especially on an unfamiliar platform.

So according to the FAQ, this should be ok. Just looking to hear some suggestions.
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Re: Ebay KA24 SOHC turbo kit.....at least a good starting point?

Post by p00t »

If you want to try to go fast with cheap Ebay stuff it will at least move you around faster. Some are junk. Some are copies that do work. I couldn't tell you which is best in that area.

You have left out a way to tune timing and that will break your engine even with 200hp. Best to get an ECU that you can tune like a real-time NISTUNE or NISMOTRONIC. Then take out a degree of timing versus PSI of boost. For cheap side of things... It's been a while but I think you can get a socket for the SOHC and it is cheap. It's harder to get a SOHC ECU that has the data cable for data logging.

I would suggest better injectors instead of the FMU. Usually you can figure out another car that has a step up in the same type of injector and get some cheap re-manufactured ones.

Don't forget the AFR gauge too.
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