A few questions and suggestions required

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A few questions and suggestions required

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To start
91 d21 manual trans.
My use and goals and your thoughts on what I expect vs reality.

I'm looking for a turbo that will happily run 5-6 psi
Read tons of budget KA builds but my concern is.

This is a truck I purchased as a toy,not a primary truck but I drive it on 1-2 hour interstate trips for work......alot.

Most say a T25 or T28 size turbo but all I researched is it's running on boost early and all the time.Some say it's not a good daily driver(which it will be)

What would you recommend for my use.I want that boost but I don't want to ruin the engine on 2 hour trips......in constant boost.
Would a larger turbo that boost at say 3500 rpm be a better fit for me?

Just looking for a fun amount of horsepower without a gigantic drop in mpg and reliabliblity.

Don't have a number in mind but let's say 200hp is plenty.
Not looking to go stand alone or drag race.
Just want to put a smile on my face when I push the skinny pedal.

Budget don't really matter but let's say $1500.Some youtube builders are stating $1000 or less with small turbos.

I feel because I travel interstate alot it may change opinions on what I can use.
Plan on doing an intercooler as well.
If you would like to recommend a parts list that would be great.
My needs are low boost,no dyno or tuner needed.
I did read up on the af gauge,wideband,adjustable fuel regulatir ect.

Watched vids and the budget build.......performance gain is what I'm looking for but will the interstate use hurt me.

In Advance thanks
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