General Questions about an Enthalpy ecu
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General Questions about an Enthalpy ecu

Post by Qemyst »

So I currently am running Nistune. I've gotten pretty familiar with it and I like it, but I don't LOVE it by any means, and I don't live in an area with a whole lot of professional tuners. I have to travel a little more than 2 hours to get to the nearest dyno with a decent tuner. And even then, he's much more versed with AEM.

I think Nistune and AEM are both a bit too much for my needs, as I don't plan on trying to reach 600+ hp (end even then I've seen some guys say they have 600+ hp Enthalpy tuned cars). I'm perfectly happy at ~400hp. I don't plan on changing my setup. If it gets changed, it's getting a V8.

First, here's the setup:

-8.8:1 Arias Pistons (0.020 bore)(CR may be closer to 8.5 or 8.6:1 due to head planed, block planed and the thicker-than-normal 1.5mm cosworth head gasket)
-Forged BC rods
-Ferrea Valvetrain (1mm oversized valves)
-Xcessive intake manifold
-Z32 MAFS (Blow Through. located IN the cutout of my battery tray for iC piping)
-Greddy Type-RS BOV (VTA. Located on IC piping next to distributor)
-Garrett GT3076R-WG Turbo (.86 ar turbine housing. I believe it's this one ... y_Code=GRT )
-Greddy Profec B Spec II EBC
-No O2 sensor currently. Only a Innovate LC1 wideband and Nistune.

So here's a few questions I have about the Enthalpy tunes.

How does he, without ever seeing the car, get things right? How does timing retard under boost happen properly? Are AFR's kept rich under boost based on MAFS voltage? Conversely, are they kept Stoich and/or lean at lower loads (like cruising) the same way? Throttle tip in settings? Idle? I mean.. Every car is different. From the testimonials it seems like he does a REALLY good job (and I'm sure he does). I guess i'm just more curious about how it all works and how he accounts for all the variables, as I'm considering buying one and keeping my Nistune ECU as a backup, or if I ever feel like tuning a bit more.

I've emailed him but haven't heard back. I saw the note on his site saying to mail ECU's to a different address during the month of June, so he may just be out of town or something.
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Re: General Questions about an Enthalpy ecu

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How does the car maker produce thousands of vehicles all with the same MAF part number, injector part number, and ECU part number (& software)?

The tune is VERY dependent on the MAF vs Injector size. If you match the MAF to injector size correctly it makes every car using that combination predictable. It's not perfect but you can predict where TP will put you in the map. This lets him use his experience and know how to place the correct fueling and timing versus TP across the map.
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