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Hello everyone,
Central Florida native in the process of moving to the north Georgia area, I'm an engine builder/ machinist/ mechanic. I've been working on the s-chassis for over 15 years, I've owned my fair share of s-chassis(89 coupe, 90 hb, 92 vert, 95 zenki s14, 97 kouki). I've also done turbo installs on the single and dual cam ka.
Currently i still have my 1990 s13 pignose hb originally had a single cam ka and now has a vh45de. I'm currently redoing my build 12 year old build. Was having issues with the oem vh45 harness about 5 years ago when I was living in Houston, then moved back to Florida and never got around to working on it due to covid. So it has been sitting for a while and now I'm tired of it sitting around and it's time to start throwing money into it again.
I'm planning on running the MS3Pro Evo:( https://www.diyautotune.com/product/ms ... nt-system/) and redoing the wiring(or wiring specialties), running audi coils, I have an ehps(electric powered hydraulic power steering pump) from an sw20 mr2 I plan on running with the MS3Pro and delete the ps pump from the engine. I have an intake from a porsche cayenne I'll be using and eventually will be running e85. I don't know what size injectors yet because I'm not sure what power numbers I want. I also have a few non nissan vehicles an 88 aw11 mr2, a ae92 corolla(yes the fwd one) and a dd 2001 corolla.
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Share some pictures next time. Sounds like a fun project and a full stable of fun cars!
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